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How To Get Clients and GROW Your Mortgage Business in Today’s Market

…even as interest rates rise, and the property market cools.

Regardless of what’s said about the Australian Mortgage Market. One thing’s for sure...


There is a mountain of opportunities about to be unveiled, that if seized upon will result in you surpassing the results of your best weeks, months or years that you have ever experienced as a Mortgage Broker.


Welcome to the buyers’ market.


Are you ready to take up the challenge?”




Are you going to sit on the sidelines and just wait to see what happens?


Because the truth is there are still mortgage customers out there looking to buy their first home, upsize, downsize or even purchase investment!


And... If you have a book of existing clients you can stop the run off too!


And so, if your ambition to prosper in today's market is backed with a sales and marketing strategy that delivers the confidence and leadership the “buyers’ market” mortgage customer is looking for, you will establish the foundations to succeed like never before.


But the way the game is played has changed - forever


You need to be online, on point, on time and on demand. 


Meaning that you must use strategies that command the attention of a mortgage customer and make it simple to act on an impulse and book into your diary for an appointment.


So, by adopting a fresh approach to prospecting as well as a focus for generating word of mouth referrals from EVERY SALE, and creating engagement campaigns for  your existing clients to CEMENT their loyalty to your trail book  – the ability to create a piece of marketing and for it to produce a sale on the same day that it was created is VERY REALISTIC.


By attending a 2022 Mortgage Sales Mastery workshop,

you will learn the smartest and simplest ways of growing

your business and attracting new clients among the flurry

of buyers and investors about to hit the market.


And the scope to eclipse your commission targets is



So, if you want to take advantage of these opportunities, there are 5 things you should be doing in your business right now.


  1. Amplify that you are in business to do business to the marketplace

  2. Educate yourself on how to create a simple email, post or video that grabs the attention of mortgage customers in a instant

  3. Integrate looking for referrals and other new sales opportunities AS YOU ARE PROCESSING the deal that is on top of your desk. BTW - there are three more new clients to be found right there in front of you!

  4. Optimism is your friend. Because the brokers who succeed in this market, won’t be the ones asking “WHY?” They will be the ones thinking “WHY NOT?”

  5. Unite  We are in the era of the influencer and the focus you once placed on building a client base has shifted to a focus of having an audience of followers.


And learning how to implement each point is what you will learn by attending the jammed packed full of information to make your commission payments bigger than ever Mortgage Sales Mastery workshops in 2022.  


Come and learn from the internationally recognised mortgage sales coach Mark Blundell


This workshop will teach you how to increase your commissions by between $50,000 and $100,000 per year, and you will learn the best, fastest and simplest ways of attracting mortgage customers in today’s market.


I guarantee that this will be the best business and how to mortgage broker sales and marketing workshop you have ever attended.


…or your money back!

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13 September 2022

Crown, Burswood

15 September 2022

Cliftons, Brisbane


20 September 2022

Cliftons, Sydney



22 September 2022

Cliftons, Melbourne

27 September 2022

Cliftons, Adelaide

* All events will commence at 9:30am and conclude at 4:30pm. Prices include morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

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