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What other brokers have to say about Mark Blundell.


Over 10 years ago, Mark Blundell consulted to our business when we were a newly formed and fledgling brokerage. He explained his ideologies to us about how to gain success in the mortgage broking business. His contributions especially around how to effectively engage a client served as a foundation stone to the building of our business. We still use Mark’s client engagement model as the centerpiece of our business. Coupling this with own our ideas and hard work, today we have one of the largest and most productive franchises in our network employing eight people and writing well over $100 Million in loans each year.

Robyn Cheal

Owner and Director RAMS Penrith NSW


"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

Nothing could be more accurate to describe Mark's direct approach to building broker's businesses. His insightful recognition of what customers truly seek combined with his simple, but extraordinarily effective way of recruiting referral partners, sets Mark apart from all others. When Mark's strategies are applied with discipline, it will enable any broker to build a business to whatever level of success he or she desires. 

My only advice to those reading about, or contemplating Mark's personalised services and tailored techniques, is apply them; every day. And you too will be a broker who has been, 'taught to fish for a lifetime.'

Jamie Lowden

Aussie Glenelg Franchisee


I first attended one of Mark’s sales presentation on prospecting techniques approximately 13 years ago. What blew me away on that day was that Mark not only provided the theory on why his techniques work but he actually put them into practice right there and right then and with tremendous success. To prove I am a believer I am still coaching his prospecting process today. Anyone of my staff that have consistently followed the process have managed to grow their business at a much quicker rate than their peers.

David Baker 

Senior Manager Retail Sales Network IMB

I am usually one of the last people to get involved in marketing/networking as it always sits way outside my comfort zone and actually makes me quite anxious.  However, Mark came into our team and took charge of the meetings with potential referral partners, which took away a lot of the anxiety for me.  At the same time, however, he also demonstrated how I can replicate his meetings in a way that suits my personality and did not make me as anxious as I would normally be.  From this, I have developed relationships with 5 referral partners and we continue to provide referrals to each other.  On top of all this, Mark was able to show a variety of ways to gain business from existing customers, either through generating more referrals from their family and friends, or just getting them to revisit their situation if it was the right time for them to do so.  I recommend Mark’s service to anyone wishing to increase their referral/repeat business in a way that does not actually take a huge amount of time and effort once the processes and procedures are in place.

Belinda Woodley

Director Aussie Prospect


The systems and process that Mark uses are simple yet very effective, and have allowed me to take my business to the next level, while also allowing me to have more time in my day due to the ability to distinguish information seekers from buyers. Regardless of what level of experience you have, learning from Mark will definitely improve your business as I am yet to see anyone who hasn’t benefited greatly from his learning.

Sam Walker

Director Aussie Prospect


Mark is an exceptional communicator having a wealth of knowledge & experience in the mortgage broking industry. To this day Mark still commutes from Sydney to Mackay presenting referral training sessions with our team.

Working with Mark for over 14 years has snow balled my success as a Mortgage Broker I have been awarded top honours with Mortgage Choice High Flyer Status for 8 consecutive years.

Peter Phillips  

Director Mortgage Choice Mackay

Mark Blundell recently addressed our broker groups in Melbourne and Sydney.  Mark’s presentation style is very engaging and addresses the biggest challenge many sales people face, building productive referral networks.  The fact that Mark would make a cold call during his presentation really hit home.  I would recommend Mark to any business looking to build or improve the confidence and performance of their sales team.

Gerald Foley. Managing Director,

National Mortgage Brokers

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