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About Mark Blundell.


Mark Blundell is a specialist coach mentor and strategist to Mortgage Brokers around the world. Over the last 30 years, Mark has coached and mentored thousands of Mortgage Professionals, with many becoming some of the highest producers within their aggregator group.


Mark has developed a unique client engagement strategy which is in high demand by many large organisations across the globe; USA, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand and beyond. 

Buoyed by an interest in other people’s success, Mark commenced his working life in the financial services industry at age 21 as a life insurance agent. He was one of the youngest and highest performing writers in his time. Mark honed his communication and prospecting skills such that he became equally at home engaging people from all walks of life. Mark learned very early in his career that the volume of business he could write could be leveraged through the engagement of referral partners. Soon solicitors, accountants and real estate agents would be referring their clients' to Mark. He continued to develop his craft in prospecting and selling.

Today, Mark coaches and mentors Mortgage Brokers across the globe a refine version of the same skills he acquired, which led him to be at the top of the leader boards for the companies that he represented.​ Mark's powerful client engagement strategy is responsible for delivering significantly increased conversion rates and volumes of business, focusing on optimizing the way his clients pitch their services to potential clients and referrers. Whether through seminar presentations or one on one consultations, the training methods Mark delivers are effective, produce immediate results and are easily implemented.

Mark is a regular speaker at National Conferences and Professional Development days in Australia, the US, Canada and NZ, and presented his ideas and strategies to over 46,000  Mortgage Professionals across the globe. 

Outside of business, Mark is a family man. Mark enjoys spending time with his other half, Emma, his children and his grand children. Mark enjoys spending time on his boat, fishing, reading or relaxing, or taking a well-deserved break cruising on his Motorbike across the east-Australian coastline. 

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