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How to go from being the hunter, to becoming the hunted. 

Mortgage Sales Mastery Workshop Series, 2018

There is no doubt that when a Mortgage Customer buys a Mortgage from you, they buy your personal brand.


No longer is it about your company, the lenders you represent, or the mortgages you sell.


Your customer buys you! They buy your personal brand!


They buy your ability to relate to their circumstances.


A mortgage business can no longer grow if the mortgage professional doesn’t know how to attract attention to their own personal brand.


In fact, a mortgage professional will not survive without acquiring this skill set.


This is not about the occasional post you may place on Facebook.

This is about harnessing the leverage that social media provides to put regular mortgage customer appointments into your diary every single week.


While there may be a lot of information available about how to use social media effectively, very few mortgage professionals are securing any more than “likes” from their social media attempts.


Mark Blundell is the world’s number one sales coach for Mortgage Professionals when it comes to teaching them how to build their personal brand through social media and how to take their business to the next level.


Mark will teach you how to improve and maximise your efforts through the use of social media platforms to grow your business exponentially.


Learn how to get new customer appointments through the use of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube and Email.


Mark will show you how you can easily create a large group of fans who consider you as the authority on mortgages in your territory.


Many mortgage professionals around the world are now growing their business tenfold by using Mark’s unique mortgage centric strategies.


This workshop will teach you how to increase your commissions by between $50,000 and $100,000 per year, by understanding what content the mortgage customer is attracted to and helps them in their buying decisions.


…or your money back!


This is your opportunity to access the know-how, the templates, the platforms and the swipe files to attract as many mortgage customers as you desire.

Be Quick: As we experience each year, tickets sell very quickly! 







07 August 2018

Cliftons, Perth

09 August 2018

Cliftons, Adelaide

14 August 2018

Cliftons, Brisbane

16 August 2018

Cliftons, Sydney

21 August 2018

Cliftons, Melbourne

23 August 2018

Cliftons, Auckland

* All events will commence at 9:30am and conclude at 4:30pm. Prices include morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

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